...virginia is for lovers
What's going on in that last drawing, hmmm?

well, it’s me and my best friend in the whole wide world, chip tolentino!

also, there’s a cat. C:



Leaf, your drawings are really cute! I never knew you were an artist.

Neither did I!! Oh my gosh, they’re precious!

aww, thanks, guys! i’m glad everyone liked them! :3

If anyone says ANYTHING about Leaf’s drawings, I PROMISE that your parents will never find your bodies.

why would anyone say anything anyway? i didn’t think they were that bad… :C

i drew this today for my best friend ever, chip tolentino! :D
i hope you guys like it!!! 

i met a bear at the picnic.

at least, it looked like a bear. i think it was actually just a really big dog, though. :0

and i don’t know why everyone was so mad, i was just playing frisbee how i normally play it! it’s not fun unless you go into the woods…that just adds a whole new dimension to it! people don’t seem to realize that. :/

anyway, the bear (or dog i guess?) was really nice! :D


I mean, she’s leaving again in a couple days to go to Switzerland, but that doesn’t mean she’s never coming back.


of course it doesn’t mean that, olive! :C i’m sure your mom will be back in no time. she loves you a lot! c:

whats your favourite game/way to spend your spare time? <:

i like playing apples to apples if we’re talking about board games! but if we’re not…well, i like running around outside playing pretend. oh! and i like to play frisbee!

Roses are red... Lilys are white... I'm glad we're friends... Because you are alright! (From... a friend!)

oh, gee, thank you! :D
i really appreciate the poem, it’s really good…i just wish you would tell me who you were… :0 

have you ever seen a play?

i have, yeah! my parents took me to see hair one time, it was really good! :D